Purchasing photographs


Do you resonate with pictures for the soul?

Selected photographs are available as fine art prints in different sizes and limited editions. Personally I prefer acrylic photoprints or canvas prints. If you have any questions you’re welcome to contact me: mail@ulrichsoeder-fotografie.de.



Rights of Use


For any questions concerning the use of these pictures for publication please contact mail@ulrichsoeder-fotografie.de.

Pictures for the Soul


I like pictures that move me.

And I like pictures that invite me to rest, to reflect, to contemplate, to access stillness.

I like pictures that don’t tell me in a more or less subtle way how they should be understood.

I like pictures that speak to me about human experience.
About longing and fulfillment, about success and failure, about sensitivity and beauty, about life and death.

Pictures that point towards the many dimensions of existence, that address the things that cannot be named. Pictures that transcend phenomenology and dive into the essence, into the qualities that so often remain unnoticed because they don’t show up on top of our agendas.

Well, these are the kind of pictures I like to live with in my personal or my professional spaces.
And yes, these are the kind of pictures I like to take. Sometimes they happen.


Pictures for the soul.